'Eye Candy' Poll: Did Connor Court More Danger With His Story About The Flirtual Killer?

The blogger says he was just 'helping people,' but his pals beg to differ.

Sophia's blogging BFF Connor had a really rough day at work on tonight's episode of "Eye Candy": During a staff meeting, his boss tore into him over a less-than-stellar story entitled, "Nine Pet Vines That Will Blow Your Mind"…in front of absolutely everyone.

"Did it? Did writing that story blow your mind?" Hamish Stone, owner and publisher of Reconnoiter Media, asked. "If that's all you've got, I wouldn't be too optimistic about your future here. Give me MORE."

The good news: Connor gave him more, and saved his job to boot. The bad news: He may have ensured more Flirtual murders in the process.

As tech whiz (and Lindy sidekick) George soon discovered, the blogger posted a story called "Flirtual Slasher Dissecting New York One Victim At A Time" -- and included every detail of the killer's crime spree plus photos he had secretly taken of (really graphic) police evidence. Needless to say, there may be some unpleasant consequences.

"This gives the killer exactly what he wants: credit," handsome police detective Tommy told Lindy. "And you know what these guys do when they get an audience? They perform. I don't want him to perform, because I suspect we're not even in the first act of his show. And it's going to get a lot more scary."

But L didn't need the lecture. Already enraged, she tracked down Connor in a kickboxing class -- and nearly kicked his ass.

"You're putting everyone's life at risk," she said, jacking him up against the wall and demanding he take the story down.

But Connor didn’t exactly apologize. "People have the right to know," he argued. "I'm helping people protect themselves."

Sophia, meanwhile, was also PO'd by her friend's apparent act of treason.

"How could you write up that story?" she asked him when he had the cojones to show up at Lindy's surprise bday party. "You were sworn to secrecy."

When Connor still wouldn't budge, S kicked him to the curb, almost literally -- she called on one of the undercover cops surveying the joint to escort him out of the building.

But did the blogger really do the wrong thing? Frankly, if a serial killer were hunting down people in our neighborhood, we'd want to know about it. And let's face it: Connor stumbled across the biggest story of the year, and it saved his job. Still, Tommy has a point: Crazy people love attention, and C's story could just add fuel to the Flirtual killer's fire.

So is the blogger really helping people to protect themselves, or did he make matters (much, much) worse? Vote now, then explain your choice in the comments.

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