Which Anna Kendrick Musical Character Are You?

Sing it.

As Anna Kendrick's Twitter stream proves, the actress is a bit of an everygirl. She curses, she loves cookies, she wears cute outfits, she has a lot of feelings about This American Life -- we can relate to her.

One thing most of us do not have in common with Kendrick, however, is her Broadway roots. She was nominated for a Tony Award in 1998 for her role in the musical "High Society," and has gone on to bring her epic belting to the stage and screen several times since then. Recent months have seen two full-on movie musicals, led by Kendrick: "Into the Woods" and the upcoming "The Last Five Years." Previously, she starred in the hugely popular aca-sensation "Pitch Perfect," and when she was just a wee little Kendrick, she was in the aptly named "CAMP," about a musical theater camp.

So while we all can relate to Kendrick, the real question is which Kendrick we most relate to. Take our quiz below to find out which of Kendrick's musical characters you are.