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A$AP Ant Says A$AP Yams' Death Was Not Caused By An Overdose, Despite Rumors

Plus, A$AP Ferg pays tribute at a concert.

Details about the death of A$AP Yams are still murky, with no official cause of death announced. That hasn't stopped many from speculating that the A$AP Mob founding member died from a drug overdose -- with rumors centered around codeine and Xanax use.

"I just want to clear it up for real, for real," A$AP Ant told VladTV. "It ain't no overdose. People stop saying overdose, 'cause that's not what it is. It's not an overdose. People keep talking about he overdosed off Xanax and sh-t like that or whatever and lean -- no. That's not what happened."

The 26-year-old had battled drug addiction, and last summer spent time in rehab, according to the New York Times.

"But Yams, he wouldn't want nobody to feel sorry for him," Ant added. "He'd want n---as to live it up for him. Throw a party for him or something like that. Smile for him."

Though Ant tried to squash rumors that drug use was the cause of death, he didn't hide the fact that that Yams used codeine. Later, he posted a picture of the two, with the caption, "We used 2 drop $500 on Actavis" -- which is a cough syrup product that contains codeine.

Another member of the Mob, A$AP Ferg, also addressed Yams' passing -- both at a concert Sunday night and in a post-show interview.

"Rest in peace A$AP Yams," the "Shabba" MC said after a moment of silence, inciting a roar from the crowd. "If Yams was here to party with us right now, he might have told you he f--ked your bitch."

In an interview with HotNewHipHop after the show, Ferg briefly addressed the incident, saying that he was "hurt," but was able to get through the performance.

"I wanna say rest in peace Yams," he said. "We'll never forget you and sh-t. You know we gonna represent A$AP till we die."