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Chris Pratt Proves Once Again That He's The Best Dude In The Whole Galaxy

A visit from the Star-Lord made a leukemia patient's day.

Last year when "Guardians Of The Galaxy" ran away with our hearts—and the box office, TBH—one of the driving forces behind our adoration for the film was how just adorable Chris Pratt is.

Whether he's playing Star-Lord Peter Quill or dressing up in matching Seahawks jerseys with his perfect family, his perfection knows no bounds.

And as if we needed further proof, on Thursday (January 15), Pratt stopped by the Children's Hospital Orange County to visit a young fan and patient named Emma who recently won her battle against leukemia.


On his Facebook, Pratt shared the details of the visit:

"After a long battle with childhood leukemia, Emma is going home cancer free!!! Atta girl! You kicked cancer's butt!!! Thank you to Children's Hospital Orange County for setting up an amazing visit and to Emma for my wonderful painting," he wrote.

Yup, this guy takes home the Oscar for best dude in the whole galaxy.