Michele Crowe/MTV News

Oscar Isaac Loves His '70s 'Stache, And So Does Jessica Chastain

"It's time to talk about it."

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Some people have a thing about facial hair. It's a full-time facial accessory, a pet, a friend, a confidante.

Oscar Isaac, star of the upcoming film "A Most Violent Year," is one of these people. He's currently rocking a mustache, and in an interview with MTV News and co-star Jessica Chastain, he created a safe space for everyone to share their feelings about it.

"It's time to talk about it," Isaac admitted.

Chastain said she feels good about the 'stache.

"To be honest, I like a mustache," she said. "Maybe it's because you know I love all their '70s, fabulous--"

Isaac interrupted: "Porn."

"...porn," Chastain finished.

"A Most Violent Year" is in theaters now.