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New HBO Documentary 'Sinatra: All Or Nothing At All' Features Never-Before-Seen Footage

'It’s like his autobiography, but it’s told through song.'

A new Frank Sinatra documentary presented by HBO is promising a never-before-seen look into the rich and storied life of the iconic 50s-era singer and actor.

"Sinatra: All or Nothing at All" will air as a four-part docu-series, featuring unprecedented access to archival footage uncovered by Alex Gibney and Frank Marshall.

"It's like his autobiography, but it's told through song," Gibney announced during the Television Critics Association's semi-annual press tour Thursday (January 8). "To hear him narrate his own life through these interview is what it made it worth doing."

Gibney and Marshall were granted access to incredible amounts of footage, including boxes of rare concert film from the home of daughter Nancy Sinatra, and a massive warehouse in Santa Clarita, CA that housed crates of home movies and 16-plus hours of previously-unheard Sinatra audio.

The duo promises the documentary will not be "a strictly cradle-to-grave biography," but a retelling of the legend's life through major moments.

Gibney explains that all secondary interviews where done as audio only and will be layered under footage from the era to keep "present of the time."

"So it feels like you’re living the events, and not looking back at them," Gibney says.

In vetting the venture, Marshall declared that Sinatra himself would be "very pleased" with the outcome, "because everyone now gets an opportunity to see what he was thinking."