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Akon's Comeback Album Is A Genre-Spanning Five-Part Release Called Stadium

Five new singles are now available to stream from his website.

Akon has just announced his first new album since 2008's Freedom, and it's a five-part mega-release called Stadium.

Each disc of the forthcoming album, which is due out this year, will explore a different genre.

According to the St. Louis star's website, Stadium will include five full-length sections devoted to euro, pop, urban, island, and world genres.

The Grammy-nominated singer and producer announced the album via Twitter on New Year's Day.

He also teased a forthcoming "extended video" directed by Robby Starbuck on Instagram.

Akon has made five new singles available to stream on his website, one from each of Stadium's genres. "Better" (featuring Niko the Kid) comes from Stadium: Euro, Stadium: Pop's first taste is a piano song called "To Each His Own," Urban includes the single "Whole Lot," Island's first single features Damian Marley and is called "Just a Man," and "Feeling a Nikka" (featuring D'Banje) arrives off of World.

To get a taste of any of the songs above, head over to