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Check Out Demi Lovato's 'Little Family' Photo With Wilmer Valderrama

Pup Buddy is in there, too.

It isn't often that Demi Lovato gives us a glimpse into her romantic life, but it looks like her new dog, Buddy, has her feeling the family love.

On Monday (December 29), the "Really Don't Care" singer shared a photo on Instagram of her Christmas Eve flight to Dallas with boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama and Buddy in tow.

"Christmas Eve headed to Dallas with my little family," Lovato wrote in the photo's caption.

Last week, Demi shared an inside view of the cabin where she and Buddy were having a big-time snuggle party.

"Christmas Eve jet setting snuggles... He's the perfect cuddle buddy. (See what I did there?)," Demi wrote.

We're loving all of these new looks into Demi's low-key relationship with the "That '70s Show" alum.

Her recent "Nightingale" video, shot in black and white, follows Demi on tour and shows love for her fans (who serve as her nightingales). It even features a super-cute smooth scene between Ms. Demetria D. and her beau.