Johnny Depp's Mustache Is Causing Problems In The Bedroom

In his new flick 'Mortdecai,' Depp's facial hair has Gwyneth Paltrow gagging.

It's not often that a woman scowls at the act of kissing Johnny Depp, but hey: there's a first time for everything, right?

At least we're going to assume that, when Gwyneth Paltrow gags from kissing Depp's character, in "Mortdecai" (her husband in the movie) that it's the first time something like this has ever happened. Because I mean: it can't be all that common an occurrence. On or off-set. No one says no to the world's most ridiculous, incredulous pirate — do they?

Because mustache or not, just look at that face! (And even if he didn't have that face, gagging post-smooch is just plain rude, married or otherwise.)

The raucous-looking action comedy follows the eccentric Charles Mortdecai (Depp), an art collector whose international search for a mysterious missing painting may or may not put him in contact with a bunch of Nazi gold. Naturally, hijinks ensue and it feels a rather safe bet that Mortdecai will find someone else to kiss him (Olivia Munn?) in the end, so all is not lost.

The film, which also stars Paul Bettany, Ewan McGregor, Aubrey Plaza, Olivia Munn Oliver Platt, and Jeff Goldblum, hits theaters January 23, 2015.