A Baltimore Journalist Is Taking Incredible Then-And-Now Photos Of Locations From 'The Wire'

Everything's changed, and yet nothing has changed.

It's been 12 years since the premiere of one of HBO's foremost television series, "The Wire." This week, the network is doing a marathon of the show in HD (for the first time ever!) and, naturally, people are waxing nostalgic about the celebrated series.

One such reveler was Baltimore Sun journalist Justin Fenton, who took time out of his work day on Friday to do a sort of Twitter-based tour of the series' iconic spots. Like an interactive then-and-now segment!

And oh, did people take part! Fenton's @mentions on the social networking site include a veritable smorgasbord of requests for certain iconic scenes and spots. So he did his best, traversing the city in order to appease the waiting masses' collective appetite for all things "The Wire."

At the time of reporting this was the last of Fenton's images but, who knows? He may end up posting more if you ask nicely so head over to his Twitter account for more of the informative, nostalgia-based fun.