One Of The First Computers Steve Jobs Ever Built Just Sold For An Incredible Sum

Original Ricketts Apple-1 computer goes up for auction.

A relic of Steve Jobs' history went to auction today, bringing in a $365,000 bid for a hand-built computer he once sold for $600 out of his parent's Palo Alto garage.

The Ricketts Apple-1 Personal Computer is the only known surviving Apple-1 documented to have been sold by Jobs' own hands. It's named after it's very first owner, Charles Ricketts, who purchased it in 1976 from the then 21-year-old budding entrepreneur.

Christie's took the honor of auctioning off the rare gem at it's inaugural Exceptional Sale on Thursday (December 11) in New York City.


In a press release for the event, Christie's states the item was discovered at a storage locked auction in Virginia and remains in working condition. Included in the lot is the original Apple-1 motherboard mounted inside a 12 by 24 inch blue metal box, a Datanetics keyboard and a Sanyo model VM4130 television. Also included is the $600 check Ricketts issued to the Apple Computer Company on July 27, 1976, and a second $193 check issued to Jobs for software programming on August 5.

An original 8-page Apple-1 Operation Manual was contributed directly from Ron Wayne, displaying the old school original Apple logo he developed. Wayne is famously known for helping to co-found Apple Computer with Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976 and then abruptly exiting the partnership only 11 days later, selling his share for a mere $800.