Mila Kunis Wants You To Know That Her Baby Is Not Lethargic

She moves, okay?

We haven't heard much from Mila Kunis since she became a parent, so it was exciting to see her stop by her favorite latenight show -- "The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson" -- for a visit Wednesday, her first TV appearance since giving birth in September. While there, she chatted with her host about motherhood, and gave him a bit of a refresher course in childhood development milestones.

Mila's daughter is just two months old, which seemed to confuse Ferguson.

"That's when they start moving!" he said, to which Mila replied, "She's not lethargic! I mean, she moves."

And while it'll be awhile yet before Mila has to contend with the more complicated elements of parenthood -- you know, the part where your sweet little baby enters high school and becomes a full-on autonomous human being -- she's already got a plan all mapped out for whenever Wyatt enters her teens.

"That's not my problem. That's Daddy's problem," she said.