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Watch Beyonce's NCLA Nail Art Collab Explained By Her Nail Stylist, Lisa Logan

Christmas came early this year as Beyonce unveiled her newest merch addition: nail wraps inspired by her self-titled album and made by NCLA nail art extraordinaire Lisa Logan. Exciting as that was, $72 and four packs later, we now have the story behind the collab. In a new video posted to posted to Beyonce's YouTube channel, Lisa talks about working with Yonce on this project.

For starters, yes, it is as nerve-wrecking as you'd think to work with the Queen. "Touching peoples' hands is so intimate in the way that you exchange energy," Logan says. "I go in wanting the best. I'm never not nervous."


Still, she has a pretty good handle on her nerves because Lisa and Beyonce have been working together for awhile. They've collaborated on Bey's nails for music videos, commercials, awards shows, and even the President Obama's 2013 Inauguration—though their relationship dates back to another iconic moment in her career, the video for "Single Ladies." "My favorite manicure that I gave Bey was for 'Single Ladies,'" she recalls. "It was almost the boom heard round the world. People were trying to stop the TV, widen the screen, just to figure out what is that color?"

TBH, we're still trying to figure it out. Maybe next time Lisa and Beyonce can release a special capsule collection starring that shade?