Want To Curse Like Aaron Paul? There's Now An App For That

The 'Breaking Bad' actor just released the potty-mouthed app that lets you imitate his character's voice.

For those who are still lamenting the end of "Breaking Bad," there's now a way infuse Jesse Pinkman and his bad attitude into your conversations.

The “Breaking Bad” actor just released an app called "Yo Bitch" that lets you talk down to people in Aaron Paul’s own disrespectful tone.

Shortened to "YB," the potty-mouthed application is available for download now on iTunes.

According to the app’s official description, "YB" offers up “colorful greetings” brought to you by the man best known for playing Jesse Pinkman for you and is a fun way to greet and respond to your friends and family.

So what exactly do you get with your free download? Here are a few examples:

It's a fun, colorful way to lighten up your conversations, made by Aaron Paul ("Breaking Bad," "Need For Speed," "Exodus: Gods and Kings") with his actual voice.

Ready to get started cursing people out Pinkman-style? Get it iTunes now.