Join Anna Kendrick 'On The Steps Of The Palace': Listen To Full 'Into The Woods' Song

Literally stuck on the steps of the palace.

Certified Disney princess Anna Kendrick has a few personal issues to work through. See, in "Into the Woods," the upcoming musical in which Kendrick plays a very conflicted Cinderella, princes don't get an automatic go-ahead in the dating world solely on the account of being royalty. Cinderella, post-ball (you know, the one where she wears the glass slippers and that whole get-up), has some decisions to make.

Sitting on the steps of the palace, she has to think fast. You know, on account of the tar that's quickly hardening and trapping her shoe in place. It happens.

Listen to the full audio of the song below.

And here's a short featurette about the character, including footage of Kendrick singing the first verse of the song:

"Into the Woods" hits theaters December 25.