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5SOS's Michael Clifford Knows What It Feels Like To Have An Ex Write A Song About Him

His tattoo and hair give him away as the subject of his ex-girlfriend Abigail Breslin's new song 'You Suck'

During a recent radio interview, 5 Seconds of Summer's Michael Clifford had to answer some hard questions, like whether his ex-girlfriend Abigail Breslin's new song "You Suck" was actually written about him.

Clifford sheepishly admitted on Nova FM that the "dumb" tattoo and bleached hair that Breslin sings about are in fact his. He also mentioned that he hadn't spoken to Breslin in a year.

Nova's host Kent "Smallzy" Small was sympathetic to the guitarist's ex drama, though he did warn Clifford to take it easy on the hair dye. "Do be careful with your hair," he said. "It will fall out."

All in all, Clifford seemed to take the song in stride. Watch the interview snippet below.