Raekwon And Snoop Dogg Wax Nostalgic On New '1,2 1,2' Track

The Chef is cookin'.

Like any great chef, Raekwon takes his time cooking up a new menu of music.

But if his new song, “1,2 1,2,” is any indication of what fans should expect from his long-awaited sixth solo LP, Fly International Luxurious Art, the Wu-Tang Clan capo’s time in the kitchen was well worth the wait.

The Scoop DeVille- produced track provides a bass-heavy, nostalgic beat for Rae to ride with his signature grimy, lyrically dense flow.

“I’m blessed with these million dollar hands, I’m like poker, n-ggas screw they muthaf-ckin’ face, so what? Guns eclectic, flips perfected, bolts flying and every break expect it, the clique’s connected, everybody wrist and necklaced two shots of Cisco let’s split,” he raps.

Not to be outdone, collaborator Snoop Dogg serves up an equally aggressive verse that proves that the West coast legend hasn’t lost his ability to slay a well-crafted beat.

“Convertible with the Cadillac, Mack of the Mack, with some Roscoe’s chicken in my lap, imagine that/I’m grooving down Sunset Blvd, no harm, no foul, no bodyguard,” Snoop raps.

“1,2 1,2” is the second official single from F.I.L.A., which is set for release on April 28.