Lady Gaga Unveils Bilingual 'Americano' In Mexico

New 'Born This Way' song has Gaga 'living on the edge of the law.'

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] picked the perfect place to unveil yet another song from her upcoming [article id="1663100"]Born This Way[/article] album. During a show in Guadalajara, Mexico, on Tuesday night, Mother Monster did a slow, sexy flamenco seduction at the piano as she pulled back the curtain on the funky bilingual outlaw love tune "Americano."

A YouTube video of the performance shows Gaga sitting at a piano, playing the song's seductive Latin melody and opening with some lines in Spanish about her rebel spirit: "Mis canciones son de la revolucion/ Mi corazon late por mi generacion," she sings at the outset, which translates to "My songs are of the revolution/ My heart beats for my generation."

The next bit will surely cause some serious discussion in Gagaland, as the singer teases, "If you love me/ We can marry on the West Coast/ On a Wednesday/ En el verano o en agosto (in the summer or in August)."

The emphatic chorus has her repeating the phrase "I don't speak your language, oh no," with mentions of Jesus ("Jesus Cristo") and the titular "Americano," before she busts into a section where she growls "Aaaahhh America, Americano" repeatedly.

By the end, Gaga seems ready to hop on the controversial motorcycle on the cover of Born This Way and hit the road for some "Born to be Wild" action, as she warns, "Don't you try to catch me/ No, no, no/ I'm living on the edge of/ Living on the edge of the law, law, law."

After mostly performing on piano, the band kicks in, joining her for a full-on Latin jazz breakdown to bring the tune home.

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