Kanye West Gets Into Animated Rap Battle On 'The Cleveland Show'

'Ye voices 'Kenny West' character, trading disses with Cleveland Jr.

Even in cartoon form, [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist] remains a complicated artist, a talented wordsmith with an over-passionate public persona.

On Sunday, the [article id="1638025"]rapper voiced the "Kenny West" character[/article] in a highly anticipated episode of Fox's "Family Guy" spin-off [article id="1607121"]"The Cleveland Show."[/article]

In the episode, titled "Brotherly Love," mainstay Cleveland Jr. is vying for the affection of a female classmate named Chanel, who, unbeknownst to him, is actually Kenny's girl. The two battle for her love, eventually taking it to the stage to traded dis rhymes; Cleveland Jr. falls behind quickly.

"It's Kenny sippin' Henny/ Rhymes slicker than Teflon," West boasts, in Air Yeezy-like kicks, white sunglasses and a cardigan adorned with the letter K. "The school been high, I'm the black Zac Efron/ And when I meet a shorty, you know we going backwards/ Pulling more tail than my man John Edwards/ Lumpy, chunky, boogie-eating chump, B/ Acting out of place like Hootie singing country/ Leave my girl alone and get your own tenderoni/ Come on, who are we kidding?/ You're used to being lonely."

Junior fires back, though, with a takedown rap of his own.

"Mess with me, homeboy, you don't wanna risk it," he spits. "I run you like Mrs. Freemon's god-awful brisket." In trademark fashion, à la "Family Guy," the show cut away to Mrs. Freemon holding a trayful of brisket. "Well, that was uncalled for," she says.

Soon, however, the tables turn and Kenny and Cleveland Jr. join forces in a song expressing shared admiration for each other's skills. Then, as their rivalry turns to a burgeoning friendship, Cleveland Jr. learns there's more to Kenny's story than he originally thought.

"Hey, Junior, I'm sorry I laid into you so hard. It was just kinda tough seeing you with my baby's mama," West says after their battle.

Junior then decides to give up his romantic pursuit of Chanel, calling Kenny a good man. Kenny, in turn, offers Junior his sunglasses, which, we learn, cover an extremely lazy eye. "Nah, they look good on you," he tells West.

Then the producers make one last joke, this time at Kanye's expense, before the credits run.

"Who knows," Cleveland Jr. tells Kenny and Chanel. "Maybe he might even make it as the self-described voice of his generation."

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