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DMC, Russell Simmons 'Not Excited' About Run-DMC Movie

'I certainly don't know if a third movie about Run-DMC should be made on a shoestring budget,' Simmons says of potential biopic.

[artist id="1161224"]Russell Simmons[/artist] isn't as enthusiastic as you might think about the planned biopic about his brother's group, [artist id="3082568"]Run-DMC[/artist]. The hip-hop godfather says the film's makers should talk major dollars -- or not at all.

"That movie has been a made few times already," Simmons told MTV News. "I don't know if it's that exciting to do that movie at this time. I certainly don't know if a third movie about Run-DMC should be made on a shoestring budget."

All three group members starred in 1985's "Krush Groove" -- a film that covered some of their origins -- as well as the 1988 shoot-'em-up tale of revenge, "Tougher Than Leather." A new film on the kings from Queens is in the works, also with the working title "Tougher Than Leather." Cheo Hodari Coker -- who wrote the script for the film "Notorious" -- is crafting an adaption of legendary hip-hop figure (and Run-DMC publicist) Bill Adler's "Tougher Than Leather: The Rise of Run-DMC."

"Most movies made about our culture have been made on a shoestring budget," Simmons said. "Sometimes they're very talented and creative, and they get through it, like 'Notorious.' I don't think Run-DMC's story ... it's not gonna change them if the story is told at this time. It depends on if the studio is as inspired to do it as the producer says he is."

DMC doesn't seem too thrilled about the potential film, either.

"I don't really have anything to do with it," he said about the movie recently. "I'm just happy that somebody thinks I'm important enough to do movie about."

If D had his way, a police officer would crack the [artist id="727"]Jam Master Jay[/artist] homicide case, apprehend the criminals and then a movie would be made about the how the murder mystery was solved -- not necessarily a big screener about the trio's rise to fame.

"If the movie gets made, I will be involved," Simmons added. "If the movie gets made, it will have the same type of budget of any mainstream Hollywood movie, which almost never happens. So it's really up to them. When they approach us the right way, we can have a discussion. Until then, it's not something we're excited about."

The Queens mogul was thrilled to hear about the group [article id="1602924"]being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame[/article].

"Any time you get an honor like that, it's wonderful. It's great that their work is being acknowledged like that," Simmons remarked. "I'm sure for D and for Joey it's very satisfying. I'm sorry Jay couldn't be here to see it. It's a very beautiful thing that people recognize their work like that."