Of Course Kim Kardashian Was A 'Blingy, Sexy Robot' At The Met Gala

Weird, me too

The Kardashian-Wests have arrived at the Met Gala and you may be surprised to learn they are both wearing Balmain. JK!

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If Kanye looks a to you, it's probably because he's channeling his inner Kardashian-Jenner and wearing blue contacts. You know, chill, red carpet stuff. As for Kim , she told E! News she was going for a "blingy, sexy robot" look. Me, always.

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Kim also told E! News that her gown was North West-approved, which is obviously important.

"Leaving the house, my daughter was like, 'Mommy, I need that dress!'" Kim told E!. "I was like, 'As soon as I'm home, you can have it...I just need it tonight, then it's [yours]. You can wear it prom!"

We look forward to seeing this look again in 15 years.