Here's How To Get Rid Of That U2 Album

Calm down, Tyler, the Creator.

Usually, citizens of the world are all, "Free things are the best!" snatching up beer koozies, keychains and all manner of useless things with almost rabid abandon when given the opportunity.

One free thing, however, was not unanimously met with grins and shouts of "Score!" -- and that free thing would be U2's new record, Songs Of Innocence, which all iTunes users copped last week after the band premiered a new track at Apple's product event.

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Instead of reveling in not having to pay for the new tunes, some users were outraged that the record had infiltrated their iTunes -- a state of affairs Apple remedied Monday (September 15) by creating a website that removes the album from one's cache of tunes.

The site, titled, simply, "SOI Removal" is an extremely sparse affair. After warning users that after deleting the record there is no going back -- "if you later decide you want the album, you will need to get it again" -- Apple provides us with a button we may click on to effectively banish Bono and Co. from our iPhones and computers.

Tyler, the Creator, for one, must be very pleased.

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