Ashlee Simpson And Pete Wentz: A Timeline Of Their Love

Pop darling and Fall Out Boy bassist met at 2006 VMAs and juggled parenthood, music and their various professional projects.

On Wednesday (February 9), news broke that after nearly three years of marriage, [article id="1657572"]Ashlee Simpson had filed for divorce[/article] from Pete Wentz. But even in the early stages of their courtship, Simpson and Wentz were plagued by rumors about their relationship.

Check out photos of the ex-couple throughout the years.

Shortly after they started dating -- after meeting at the MTV VMAs in 2006 -- the gossip pages began speculating about the pair, who were often open about addressing the talk. In 2007 (months after they'd gone public), Simpson was preparing her next album when [article id="1561730"]Wentz flatly denied[/article] he was working on new music with his girlfriend. "That's pretty much the silliest recent rumor I have read," he said. "Mostly [because] I want no part in selling a relationship. I mean, it is not true. She hasn't really played me any of [her album]. I heard part of a demo that I liked, though.

"I mean, reports getting out are a bummer when they are absolutely not true. But at the same time you have to understand that this is part of the territory."

Months later, the two were fighting off rumors that the [article id="1576221"]tight-knit Simpson clan[/article] hadn't been very welcoming of Wentz. Despite the speculation, though, Wentz and Simpson seemed like a close couple, often appearing at events together showing support for each other's projects. And in April 2008, the duo became [article id="1585133"]engaged[/article]. Just days later, Simpson denied rumors that [article id="1585567"]she was pregnant[/article], saying, "I just think it's an inappropriate question to ask any woman."

[article id="1587667"]Wentz and Simpson were married[/article] only a month later, in May, but the rumor mill was in full swing insisting that Ashlee and Pete were indeed expecting a bundle of joy. An [article id="1588256"]official baby confirmation[/article] finally came at the end of May.

"While many have speculated about this," the couple shared, "we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives, and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family."

In November 2008, Ashlee and Pete had their [article id="1599919"]son, Bronx Mowgli[/article].

"Every time I see my son, it looks like he's landing on the moon and discovering new rocks and stuff," [article id="1601074"]Wentz said at the time[/article]. "I mean, every time he looks at his hand, it's like he's Christopher Columbus making it across the ocean. It's pretty awesome."

"Motherhood is the most fantastic experience I have ever been through," Simpson wrote at the time. "Bronx makes me laugh and smile every day! ... I can't wait to spend [the holiday] with my new family. Christmas tree goes up tomorrow!"

However in March 2009, the couple were battling rumors of [article id="1608085"]marital woes[/article]. Again, they denied there was anything to worry about, but by June of that year, gossip had [article id="1613265"]Wentz's ex, Michelle Trachtenberg[/article], coming between the pair.

After Simpson got into an argument with the "Gossip Girl" star at a party in Los Angeles, Simpson's publicist responded in a statement, "It was just a misunderstanding. Ashlee has since apologized to Michelle, and they remain on good terms."

Wentz and Simpson have kept busy the last couple of years, working on various projects.

According to TMZ, Simpson cited irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split.

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