'Damn Daniel' Is The Hilarious Meme That You'll Be Saying For All Of 2016

Dude makes fun of friends's white vans, immediately becomes hilarious meme.

Sometimes the simplest of burns can become extremely popular when you put them on the Internet.

Twitter user @josholzz decided it would be great to poke fun at Daniel, his friend at Riverside High School in California. How? Every day, he would overreact to Daniel's outfits using the oddest voice ever (hopefully not his own.) The result is "Damn, Daniel," and it's oddly hilarious:

Since posting his ode to his friends' white Vans, the short video has been liked 61,000 times and retweeted more than 44,000 times. It's also inspired people to do some pretty strange stuff:


There are so many of them.

Like, seriously, so many tributes.

So. Many.

Blogs are telling you how to dress like Daniel.

People are failing their schoolwork thinking about Daniel.

And ... someone made a SONG about it.

It's not half bad. (It's not half good, either.)

H/T Mashable

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