Channing Tatum Gives A Random Fan The Valentine’s Date Of Your Dreams

Watch in envy as he feeds candy hearts to a flustered AF fan.

Imagine you’re trekking home from a long day at school, toting a suspiciously large bag of luggage down Hollywood Blvd, and you get stopped by Guillermo from “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” He invites you into the studio and you go “OK,” and when you make it inside, Channing Tatum is perched atop a cozy red sofa, dressed in a dapper gray suit, waiting for you.

If that sounds like a real dream you’ve had before, then just know this: Dreams do come true. Just ask Jenna, the official luckiest woman in the world.



Jenna was plucked off the street on Wednesday night and chosen as Channing’s Valentine for the evening. Their nationally-televised date was as dreamy and weird as you’d expect: Jenna had the very laborious task of being hand-fed candy hearts by Channing, who seductively whispered messages in her ear like “You’re Mine” and “Sup, Baby.”

“You’re not diabetic, are you?” Kimmel asked Jenna at one point, to which she replied, “Who cares!” while looking either really embarrassed or really turned on (probably a combination of both). But did her stamina hold up when Channing busted out some “Magic Mike”-esque moves on her? Watch the clip below to find out.