Jamie Lynn Spears Keeps It Country On 'Shotgun Wedding'

Britney's little sister teases four new songs from 'The Journey' EP.

To celebrate InstaTeaseTuesday (which is apparently a thing), Jamie Lynn Spears teased four of the tracks from her forthcoming debut EP, The Journey, on Instagram.

Much like The Journey's lead single, "How Could I Want More," the other three songs previewed steer clear of the kind of pop, dubstep, and hip-hop genre-fusing found on Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus' recent releases. That's right, Britney Spears' little sis is keeping it full country.

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Although "Big Bad World," "Mandolin Summer Sun," and "Run" are definitely worth checking out, I'm most intrigued by "Shotgun Wedding," in which Jamie Lynn recounts finding out about her pregnancy in a gas-station bathroom.

My favorite lyrics? That'd be a toss up between this line on "Shotgun Wedding": "I got the news in the ladies room at the BP/ Little "p" plus and there wasn't no guessing/ We're gonna have a shotgun wedding" and "Gave that boy my heart/ It was back in the time/ When I thought you could buy/ A new one at the Wal-Mart" on "Big Bad World." Honestly, I'm, like, Natalie Imbruglia-levels of torn here.

Watch for The Journey, which drops on May 27.