Here Is Exactly Why Johnny Bananas Won Another 'Challenge'

We got a look at how the five-time champ preps for the game -- and learned that the man is always in beast mode.

On last night's "Free Agents" finale, Johnny Bananas racked up a record-breaking fifth "Challenge" win (sorry 'bout that, Darrell...). But if you take a look at how he prepares for the game, the feat probably won't come as much of a surprise.

You already saw how Cara Maria readies herself for the competition; now, in the "Road to the Challenge" video below, JB demonstrates how he gets into tip-top shape. Filmed just before Johnny departed for Uruguay, the footage shows him flipping massive tires, sweating through pull-ups and busting a series of playground push-ups like it's no skin off his back -- all with pal Leroy by his side.

"Don't think we're doing this just because we're going to 'The Challenge,'" Leroy says as JB powers through a set. "We train all the time!" Yeah, too!

Considering Johnny's pocket is now $125,000 fuller, it looks like his routine might just be the key to "Challenge" success. Still, we can't discount the fact that Johnny Reilly beat him on the "Free Agents" volcano climb by a long shot. Time for the namesakes to trade tips, perhaps?

+ Get a load of Bananas' grueling regimen, then tell us what you think of his latest victory.

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