Lupita Nyong'o Literally Lit Up The Room With Her 'Star Wars' Dress

The Force was strong with this fashion choice.

Lupita Nyong'o has spent the entirety of her time in the spotlight being 100% fashion-forward, so it's pretty appropriate that she was front-and-center of the "Star Wars" Force 4 Fashion event in New York City on Wednesday (Dec. 2), lighting the place up with more than just her bright smile.

Lupita -- who stars in "The Force Awakens" as the CGI-ed in Maz Kanata, a 1000-year-old pirate with extraordinary optics -- joined fellow space newbs Daisy Ridley and John Boyega for the event. And even though they made stellar selections themselves, it was Lupita who stood out most of all because her dress was a literal LED light show.

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Watching this thing in action alongside that familiar theme music is the only way to fully absorb what's happening here, BTW.

"This is a Zac Posen collaboration with Google for an initiative they have called Made With Code, where they encourage young girls to try out computer science as a possible career, and this is how science can intersect with fashion," Nyong'o said, explaining her twinkling threads to reporters at the site.

She later hit "The Daily Show With Trevor Noah" in the same outfit -- because why in the world galaxy would she want to change out of that thing ever?

There, she admitted, "I think I might have been attracted to it because of my appearance in 'Star Wars.'"

"I grew up watching 'Star Wars,'" she added. "It came on TV on public holidays, so I thought of 'Star Wars' was a part of being off school. So, it was just incredible to have this opportunity to be a part of it 30 years later."

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