Swizz Beatz To Appear On Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV'

The producer reveals that he contributed a track called 'Ann' to Weezy's album that he says 'is like a letter to [Eminem's] 'Stan.' '

[artist id="1161216"]Swizz Beatz[/artist] has been keeping himself busy lately. His track [article id="1663200"]"Everyday (Coolin')"[/article] is heating up the at radio, he's prepping his latest album, Haute Living, and he's been in the studio working on two of this year's most-awaited releases, [article id="1656142"]Dr Dre's Detox[/article] and the [article id="1664116"]Jay-Z and Kanye West collaboration Watch the Throne.[/article] In addition, Swizz has been working on another highly anticipated album, [article id="1662534"]Lil Wayne's Tha Carter IV.[/article]

Swizz told us that he's worked on one song that will appear on Tha Carter IV thus far, a tune he describes as "super dope." The track was originally intended for his own album, but he swapped it out in order to get Wayne on a song with Lenny Kravitz and Travis Barker for Haute Living. Swizz said he enjoys working with Wayne, because he gets to make more conceptual tracks as opposed to the typical Weezy songs that flood the radio and airwaves, as well as the Internet.

"He has so many songs on the radio and to separate from that and really do something that stands out, I feel where I stand is something that is conceptual," explained Swizz. "The song is called 'Ann,' and 'Ann' is like a letter to 'Stan.' It's a spinoff of the [Eminem] joint, but it's from [Wayne's] perspective."

"Stan," of course, was one of the many stand-out tracks from Eminem's classic 2000 effort, The Marshall Mathers LP. The song focuses on a fan obsessed with Em who writes him letters that "Stan" feels are going ignored. The song would peak at #1 in nearly every country outside of the States.

Swizzy didn't go into too much more detail about "Ann," but he did say that it may not be his only offering on Weezy's new album.

"With me and Wayne, you never know," said Swizz. "[He'll] pop up and be like, 'Yo, I'm mixing this one and this one and this one. I'll be all right. Let's dance.' "

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