Cam'ron, Vado Talk 'Gunz 'n Butta,' 'Hey Muma' Video

'That's like, 'What up mami? What's poppin'?' ' Vado explains to MTV News about club single from Diplomat duo's April 19 album.

Harlem rapper Cam'ron and his protégé Vado are gearing up to drop their briefly delayed collaborative album, Gunz 'n Butta, on April 19. MTV News caught up with the ever-confident rappers at famed New York nightclub Don Hill's, the set of the video for their single "Hey Muma."

[article id="1660872"]Vado may have landed[/article] a recording deal with Interscope Records but it's still business as usual for the Diplomats pair when it comes to making music. Cam'ron plans to release his next solo album, Killa Season 2, by the end of the year and Vado expects to release Slime Flu 2, the sequel to his retail mixtape, by the summer. "It's done, though. It's definitely sick for y'all," Vado told us.

For now, the focus is on Gunz 'n Butta and the Skitzo-produced, dance-floor shaker "Hey Muma."

"That's like, 'What up mami? What's poppin'?' " Vado said of the song's title. "Not your 'mommy' like your moms, but a 'mami.' Shout-out to the Latina females, got it from them. There's a few mumas in here. It's the video shoot, so we went and got all the fresh mumas in N.Y. -- from Broadway to Brooklyn."

Gunz 'n Butta was originally scheduled to arrive in 2010, but once it was delayed, Cam and Vado used the extra time to continue to make tweaks.

"We been ready for a minute," Cam'ron said. "We keep updating it, making sure the songs are up to date and everything. Me and Vado do so much music that that's why we throw out a lot of mixtapes. We did like four or five mixtapes [ourselves] but if you go on the street, it's like 800 of them. People take our songs and make they own mixtapes. But we definitely, definitely been ready for this to come out. It's going to be classic."

Cam also mentioned that Boss of All Bosses 3, the follow up to the DJ Drama-hosted Boss of All Bosses 2.5, is done and will be out sometime after the release of Gunz 'n Butta. A video for another song from the album, "Stop It 5," has already been shot in Miami and Harlem.

About that rumored Interscope deal, Cam reiterated that the Diplomats have to take care of prior recording obligations before any contract can be finalized. But he expressed relief that Dipset are finally starting to cut through the music industry red tape. "That's beautiful right now, I ain't even going to lie, man," Killa said. "Clear skies man."

Jim Jones has said that a new [article id="1661603"]Diplomats EP, Independence Day,[/article] will be released July 4.

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