How To Decide If You're Team Peeta Or Team Gale: A Scientific Approach To The Ultimate 'Hunger Games' Question

We're Team Katniss, TBH.

At the end of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay -- Part 1," Katniss Everdeen made her choice; she was going to lead the rebellion and bring President Snow to his knees. But Katniss still has one more choice ahead of her in "Part 2": Peeta or Gale? (To be completely honest, I'm Team Katniss, but society tells me a choice must be made.)

OK, so we know that in the relative scheme of things -- with a violent revolution imminent -- Team Peeta or Team Gale really isn't an important debate, but from a fandom perspective, this is all that really matters. Now, you may think the choice is easy (Team Peeta, duh), and let's be honest, fans of the books already know who Katniss will choose in the end, but that didn't stop us weighing each suitor's pros and cons. Plus, you never know what our man @Hibbits (AKA Francis Lawrence) has in store for us.

So let's see how Peeta and Gale stack up to one another, shall we?

Team Peeta

I'm not going to lie to you, dear readers: Peeta would make an excellent boyfriend. Hijacking aside, Peeta has been nothing but sweet to Katniss -- and it all started way back when in District 12 when he was just a wee lil' baker's boy. Peeta is so unassuming that you sometimes forget just how desperately in love he was with Katniss from the beginning. Here are all the reasons to be #TeamPeeta:

He can bake. +12


A boy who can bake gets mad points in my book.

He's creative AF. +10


Peeta may not be the strongest guy in the room, but that doesn't matter because he can camouflage himself to survive the arena. Think of all the fun you can have, Katniss. THINK.

He's extremely loyal. +8


Peeta is like a puppy that won't leave you alone, which is totally fine because he's so cute about it. Peeta has pined for Katniss for so long, that he doesn't know anything else. Even in the face of certain death, orchestrates a PR strategy to help endear her to the Hunger Games viewers and even sides with the enemy in the hopes of ensuring her survival.

He gave Katniss a pearl. +2


Oh, and let's not forget that his own talisman in the Games was a locket full of the people Katniss loved to remind her why she needed to make it home. Ugh. My heart.

He has safe, protective arms. +1


And they were all Katniss could dream about in "Mockingjay," so that has to count for something.

He remembered the first time he saw Katniss. +7


OK, now that is seriously adorable. Peeta not only remembered that Katniss used to wear her hair in two braids, but also minutiae like the fact she picked a dandelion after he gave her the loaf of bread.

He planted primroses. +1000


Remember when Peeta planted the primroses outside of Katniss' house and shattered our hearts into a million, tiny pieces? Yeah...

He puts Katniss first. +8


Even when it nearly killed him.

Total: 1,048


Team Gale

Oh, Gale. He's tall, dark and handsome -- a brawny action hero who literally storms the Capitol with Katniss by his side. Plus, who in their right mind wouldn't fall head over heels for Liam Hemsworth? Like Peeta, Gale has been crushing on Katniss for years. But is Gale too reckless for our girl? Here's what #TeamGale has going for it:

He knows Katniss better than anyone (except Prim, obviously). +7


Katniss and Gale have history together, which makes their entire romance plausible. Who doesn't love the whole two-best-friends-falling-in-love trope? They're the dystopian version of "When Harry Met Sally."

He confessed his love to her. +10


TBH, admitting to someone that you're wildly in love with them -- and that you have been for quite some time -- takes a lot of courage. Gale totally owned up to his feelings in "Catching Fire."

He was her first kiss. +1


There's nothing sexier than swapping spit in District 12's Victor’s Village.

He's a skilled hunter. +7


Though not as useful as baking IMHO, Gale knows his way around a wooded area. That's pretty darn cool. Not to mention, it's a hobby that Gale and Katniss share. Common interests, people!

He's impulsive. -1


In a time of war, that's not exactly the highest compliment. He doesn't think before he acts, which has had major repercussions for him and the people around him.

He's extremely dedicated to the rebellion. +12


Here's the thing. As much crap as we give Gale, he would do anything to ensure the Capitol's destruction, even kill. (And he does.) He's devoted to the cause. He has convictions. For Gale, the rebellion's success comes first.

He's a leader. +15


Don't forget that it was Gale who assumed responsibility for District 12's survival after the end of the Quarter Quell.

He rescued Peeta. +10


Even though he knew about Katniss' feelings for Peeta. That was a pretty upstanding thing to do, TBH.

He designed a bomb that ultimately killed [SPOILER]. -1000


Yeah, about that... Gale can never live that one down. Sorry, buddy.

Total: -939




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