New Song: Vampire Weekend, 'Blurred Lines' (Robin Thicke Cover)

Listen to Vampire Weekend cover Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines."

Vampire Weekend covered Robin Thicke, because they love us.

Vampire Weekend's third album is a Very Serious collection of Mature, Important Pop Songs about God and growing up and stuff, but dudes haven't forgotten how to get silly. In their session for the BBC's Live Lounge, everyone's favorite band of boat shoe bros covered Robin Thicke's song-of-the-summer-maybe "Blurred Lines" and embrace the cowbell. Vampire Weekend swerves headfirst into the raunchy vibes as only they can: The whole band switches up one crucial line in "You're the hottest fish in this place!" because "hottest b****" is a thing you're probably not allowed to say while wearing oxford-cloth button-downs.

Listen to Vampire Weekend's "Blurred Lines" cover after the jump.

Musically, the group delivers a groovy imitation of Thicke and Pharrell's unstoppable beat, but the real highlight comes when Ezra Koenig lays down the Wes Anderson-iest possible T.I. rap verse. In 2014, this cover will probably soundtrack a funny-but-bittersweet Jason Schwartzman-Gwyneth Paltrow scene in a twee Berlin dance club while Bill Murray DJs. Or it can soundtrack your summer right now, that's cool, too. Do "Get Lucky" next, fellas.

Vampire Weekend's still-rad Modern Vampires of the City is out now, hey-hey-hey.

+ Listen to Vampire Weekend's "Blurred Lines" cover.

Photo credit: XL Recordings

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