Hercules The Blizzard As Told Through A Storm Of Hercules GIFs

Warning: This post includes Gosling.

Hey, guys, did you know that it's snowing outside?! Of course you did! Because, if you live in one of 22 states in the U.S., your weekend has likely been preemptively ruined by a little ol' snowstorm very bombastically known as "Hercules." Hera better get that kid in line, are we right?

Well, as Herc continues to throw a temper tantrum across the Northeast, we here at MTV News are aiming to look at the silver lining of the snowstorm cloud: The fact that this storm is called "Hercules." Like, it's named after a Greek hero previously portrayed by the likes of Ryan Gosling and Kevin Sorbo. What? What?!

So, as we huddle and whimper, waiting for those lacy little demons to engulf the land once and for all, allow us to make this snow day just a little bit better -- via Hercules-related GIFS.

Let us begin...

When you first heard that there was a big snowstorm coming you were probably all like...

...because a snowstorm means no school! No work! Sledding and winter frolicks!

Then, the snow actually started to fall from the sky...

...and you remembered that being outside when frozen particles of water are streaming sideways into your eyes is really not that super fun.

Then, you realized that it was Friday, which -- when added to the not-fun-ness of sideways frozen water -- really bummed you out because that meant that the whole weekend would therefore be a messy, slushy, gross mess. Also, you're likely stuck indoors, staring at the wreckage left behind by the bacchanal that is the holiday season.

Realizing that you have nothing left to sustain you but flat champagne and broken resolutions, you venture out into the cold to find sustenance, only to get slapped in the face by the damp winter chill.

Dejected, you crawl back to your freezing abode, clutching a can of gruel -- because that is what they sell to souls who have lost all hope during a snowstorm -- and drag yourself to your laptop, which you switch on with one frozen, shaking finger, nearly blue with frostbite.

But, what's this?! A gift from the same angry deities who have inflicted us with both Hercules the storm and Hercules the namesake? A message from the one most divine sent to help us weather this wicked weather?

And Zeus was good.