Colin Farrell Wrote A Moving, Passionate Letter Urging Ireland To Support Gay Marriage

The letter highlights Farrell's brother, Eamon.

Colin Farrell may be known more, these days, for his "True Detective" starring role and the controversies of years gone by, but he is taking a hearty stand against the opponents of gay marriage in his home country of Ireland.

The actor penned a truly lovely and heartfelt letter in Saturday's edition of U.K. paper. The Sunday World about the importance of the impending vote in 2015 to legalize gay marriage in that country.

In particular, the letter highlighted his love for his brother Eamon, who is gay and was forced to go to Canada to marry his partner, Steven.

"I think I found out my brother wasn't grovelling in heterosexual mud like most boys our age when I was around 12. I remember feeling surprised ... and yet it didn't seem unnatural to me," the actor explained.

The letter went on to discuss how inspired Farrell was by his brother's courage. "My brother Eamon didn't choose to be gay. Yes, he chose to wear eyeliner to school and that probably wasn't the most pragmatic response to the daily torture he experienced at the hands of school bullies. But he was always proud of who he was. Proud and defiant and, of course, provocative. Even when others were casting him out with fists and ridicule and the laughter of pure loathsome derision, he maintained an integrity and dignity that flew in the face of the cruelty that befell him."

He explained that his brother lives in Dublin "in peace and love with his husband of some years, Steven. They are about the healthiest and happiest couple I know. They had to travel a little farther than down the aisle to make their vows, though, to Canada, where their marriage was celebrated."

"The fact that my brother had to leave Ireland to have his dream of being married become real is insane," the actor said. "INSANE."

"It's time to right the scales of justice here. To sign up and register to vote next year so that each individual's voice can be heard. How often do we get to make history in our lives? Not just personal history. Familial. Social. Communal. Global. The world will be watching. We will lead by example. Let's lead toward light."

Here, here, Colin Farrell! Well said. The full letter is only available in the paper, but you can read most of it here.