This Ridiculous 'Gotham' Prequel Will Make You Miss Batman Even More

'Gotham Begins'... begins.

Who cares about Gotham City without Batman? Apparently, a lot of folks do, considering the success of Fox's "Gotham" thus far.

Even with Bruce Wayne as nothing more than a young little Bat-kid, "Gotham" is studded with comic book references and Easter eggs, as explicit as characters like Oswald Cobblepot and Edward Nigma, and as subtle as a Joker clue here and there.

Although, from some fans' points of view, subtlety isn't exactly one of "Gotham's" strengths. To punctuate that point, here comes "Gotham Begins," the "Gotham" prequel you never knew you wanted. Really, want has nothing to do with it; it's the "Gotham" prequel you need, and the "Gotham" prequel you deserve.

Want to learn more about Harvey Dent back when he was a totally one-faced kid? Or get some medical advice from an ice-cool Dr. Victor Fries? Look no further:

(via io9)