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Someone Call Nelly, Pharrell Just Brought Back The Double Headband

Way to go Skateboard.

There is no greater joy than seeing a favorite fashion trend from yesteryear swing back into style. This past summer I excitedly dusted off my box of NBA throwback jerseys and hit Wiz Khalifa's Under the Influence of Music tour twice, once in a Michael Jordan Washington Wizards piece and again in a rare white Darius Miles Los Angeles Clippers authentic. My Instagram likes went through the roof.

Back in the early 2000s, a clean basketball jersey and a matching fitted hat was all you needed to turn heads, though I often remixed my outfit using the two headbands instead of a hat. It wasn't often that I took fashion cues from Nelly—I swear I only wore band-aids when I had a cut—but, the double sweatband was my thing.

That's why I have to salute Pharrell for bringing the trend back during his performance on "The Voice" on Tuesday night. Skateboard sung his "Hunter" single, and on his head wore two different green sweatbands that read: "Cactus Plant."

I'm not exactly sure what "Cactus Plant" is, but I'm here for this.

Shoutout to Nelly, you sir are a trailblazer.

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