'C'mon Be My Baby' David From 'Real World: New Orleans' Is Now A Singing Chef Named Tokyo

Mystery solved!

A lot can change in 14 years -- you can go from single to married with adolescent sons; you can go from out on your ass to comfortably seated inside a corner office. Or, in the case of "Real World: New Orleans" cast member David Broom, you can transform from a young, acoustic crooner to a hyper-sexualized chef named Tokyo who peppers his YouTube cooking tutorials with sentiments like "I got a slice of provolone and it's so far out of sight; baby we gon' rock tonight."

Broom, who was 22 when he appeared on "Real World"'s ninth season in 2000, left a permanent mark on the show's legacy when he sang those famous words, "Come On Be My Baby Tonight." Nowadays, though, he's applying his gift of song to his Internet series "Chef Showtime," which finds him sexing up the art of cooking with hits like "Butter Off Naked" and "Footlong Foreplay." And you thought the Barefoot Contessa was saucy!

(And yes, seriously, he goes by Tokyo Niyeli now. He recently told VICE's Munchies his friends deemed him such to honor his love of anime.)

So what compelled Tokyo to produce "Big Balls of Boom," and how did "Omelet the Beat Drop" come to be?

"Being from Chicago, I love house music," he explained to Munchies, adding that though he loves musical recipes, he doesn't have a formal culinary background. "But being a producer, I’ll listen to the tracks that I’ve been making for years and think to myself, what goes well with this? The dubstep popcorn one, it just kind of spoke to me. Like, ‘Hey, this is all about popcorn.’ So I made the popcorn work."

And Tokyo didn't hide the fact that he's incredibly proud of his projects, which he writes, shoots and edits by himself. Still, between "1980 Pie" and "Gettin' Chili With It," he knows there's a story left to tell.

"I love chicken. I mean the legs, the thighs -- I mean, come on," he gushed. "I love me some baked chicken, roasted, maybe some barbecue and a little bit of sriracha. Sexy. Kicking it. Legs, thighs, and breasts, let’s not even get into it for real."

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