Jesse Williams Raises Questions About Mike Brown's Shooting, Trayvon Martin Costumes

'What about black pain is so fun to you?' the actor asks.

In light of the leaks that have come from the grand jury’s official inquiry into the shooting death of Michael Brown by Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson, actor Jesse Williams tweeted a series of comments on Tuesday (October 28) asking his followers some hard questions about the case and its after effects.

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“After blasting a teen to death in front of 6+ eyewitnesses, it doesn't appear that #DarrenWilson will even have to get off his couch,” Williams wrote, adding, “Very rarely are there over 6 eyewitnesses to a murder. That alone, never mind the immutable facts, warrants a trial. #WeHaveASystemForThat.”

The leaks appear to support officer Wilson’s account, which was seen as “an inappropriate effort to influence public opinion” by the Justice Department.

“Let's say #MikeBrown did fight w/ #DarrenWilson- let's say it was worse, HE SHOT UP A THEATER. No weapon + significant distance = Can't Kill,” Williams wrote. “Of course #MikeBrown's blood is in the car- the cop shot him. Giving him every reason to run. None of #DarrenWilson's blood in the car tho.”

Williams is not just upset with the events in Ferguson this summer and their aftermath. He's also frustrated with the way that the incident has been handled on the Internet and in the court of public opinion.

“The new marketplace of anonymous messageboard tough guys, twitter trolls & cowardly lions will continue to rejoice. #CulturalWeakness,” he wrote.

Williams also connected these points to the issue of insensitive individuals dressing up as Trayvon Martin, Ray Rice and Janay Palmer for Halloween.

The "Grey's Anatomy" star went on to address the racialized hatred for the same people who entertain people of all races through "music, comedy, inventions, athletics, fashion, etc."

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