Did You Know The G-Unit House Has A Stripper Swing?

New G-Unit documentary goes behind the scenes.

Like any family, G-Unit has had its fallouts, beefs and, ultimately, after all the Twitter rants and Instagram misunderstandings, the reunion.

The reunification of 50 Cent and his band of lyrical soldiers, Kidd Kidd, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck and Tony Yayo, was completely unexpected, but a welcomed surprise in hip-hop.

In the new Kellen Dengler-directed documentary, XXL goes behind the scenes at Fif’s expansive mansion in Farmington, Connecticut with rap’s ultimate crew and gets all the dirt—including the group's sexcapades.

“I’m just saying, it’s a lot of rappers ol’ ladies been a victim of this swing right here,” said Buck, pointing at the sex swing in the house’s “stripper room."

“We should have females autograph it, if she sat her ass on here, just autograph it," he continued. "It’d be a lot of dead rappers, bruh, they’ll be killin they self like, ‘B-tch, you was over there with them n---as? I seen your name on the swing!’ Unfortunately, for a lot of you rap n---as, a lot of y’all ol’ ladies has been on here performing. Straight up.”

In between stories about the house’s debaucherous history, the G-Unit general did manage to squeeze in some business.

“We made sure that we mixed, mastered and produced each one of the records til we felt like it was the best possible sound on each one of the songs,” 50 said. “So I’m doing it faster by releasing EPs, two of ‘em. They’ll get a chance to see The Beauty first, and then they’ll see The Beast right after that.”

Although he’s the newest member of the crew, Kidd Kidd put it best when talking about their living arrangement at the compound while they record music together.

“This is a mansion, this is a house,” he said. “All us being here, we here as brothers. It’s just all love here.”