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Remember The Wu-Affiliate Who Cut His Penis Off? He's Doing Stand-Up Comedy Now

Christ Bearer is back as a comedian.

A severed penis is no laughing matter, unless you're Wu-Tang Clan-affiliate Christ Bearer.

Back in April, the rapper was found laying on a North Hollywood sidewalk after he cut off his penis and jumped off a second floor balcony. It was a strange and unforgettable story, for a little-known rapper who dropped an album in 2003 with the Wu-affiliated group Northstar.

Sounds pretty serious right? Well, now that Christ Bearer has had his penis surgically reattached, he can laugh at the whole ordeal. On Sunday, TMZ posted video of the rapper telling penis jokes at the Ha Ha Cafe Comedy Club in North Hollywood.

Christ Bearer -- I'm a Stand Up Comedian Now ... Obviously, I Do Penis Jokes

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