Russell Brand Almost Got Arrested For Filming His Web Series Outside Fox News

'I don't mean to be rude to you, just making some true news,' retorts Brand.

Fox News host Sean Hannity and comedian Russell Brand are continuing their war of words – and it recently got quite heated.

The verbal kerfuffle began months ago when Brand took to his YouTube web series "The Trews" to criticize Hannity's coverage of the Israel-Gaza conflict – Hannity's response was to amass a three-person panel in response, calling Brand a "D-list actor" – to which Brand responded with yet another video critique.

Somewhere among all this contention, Hannity agreed to have Brand on his show to talk things out IRL – but he recently reneged the invitation. An angry Brand showed up at Fox News headquarters in New York City on Thursday to film an episode of "The Trews," which summoned security. A guard asked him, "You want to get arrested?" but Brand didn't back down – questioning who owns the property and eventually entering the building and attempting to leave a message for Hannity.

You can watch the drama unfold on the full webisode below. Brand is certianly industrious – we doubt this is the end of the duo's fighting words, but we'd love to see them matched on an even playing field.