Chew Valley Schools

Ian McKellen Brought Gandalf's Spellbinding Tolerance To These British Students

Ian McKellen visits a UK school to spread LGBT awareness.

"Lord of the Rings" actor Ian McKellen dropped in on the students of Chew Valley School to discuss LGBT issues as a part of the institution's StoneWall UK work. The actor used his platform to not only engage the students to remain involved in the community, but delighted them with repetitions of his most-famous "LOTR" line.

"In your preparation for your examinations, if you don't do your revision properly, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" McKellen shouted to a hungry group of schoolchildren.

And what the great wizard Gandalf commands, you shall obey.

"It is a day that they and I will never forget," said headteacher, Mark Mallett. "Sir Ian was a gracious guest at the school and an impassioned evangelist for tolerance and equality. I can think of no better creed for our young people to take from their school careers into their lives as citizens as they go from here to contribute to the future of our society and country."

McKellen is also a founding member of Stonewall UK, a charity formed in 1989 that currently stands as the largest LGBT rights organization in Britain.

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