8 Ways Daniel Radcliffe's Newest Role Is Harry Potter's Evil Twin

Just subtract the wand and add the horns.

By Amanda Bell

Daniel Radcliffe might be trying to ride his Nimbus 3000 as far away from Hogwarts as he possibly can right about now, but despite some very admirable efforts -- ten points to Gryffindor for walking around San Diego Comic-Con dressed as Spider-Man -- he's definitely not shedding that Harry Potter image any time soon.

Especially since his role in his latest movie, "Horns," is basically just a creepy alternate universe version of Harry.

Hear us out (but do beware of many "Horns" and "Potter" spoilers below):

1. First of all, both of these are central book characters. Duh.

William Morrow Books

Note: One is meant for kids to enjoy, and the other ... not so much. "Horns" was written by horror author Joe Hill, whose real name is Joseph King -- as in the son of Stephen King. Nuff said.

2. Also, both of these dudes just kinda stumble upon all kinds of power and weird infamousness.


In "Horns," DanRad stars as Ig Perrish, a guy who wakes up with horns poking out of his head, and people just start spilling deep, dark thoughts to him. Kinda like how young Harry was all of sudden this famous boy wizard who could make things happen.

3. Someone super close to each of them was murdered by [SPOILER] the BIG bad.


For Harry it was Lily and James, and for Iggy it was his lady, Merrin.

4. Plus, they're both the alpha males of their little trio cliques.


Which, by the way, both include a brainy female.

5. There's also the fact that they are both the less favored of two boys in their households.


.... granted, Ig's brother Terry is totally less of a putz than Dudley Diddykins, but still.

6. Oh, and HELLO, they can both communicate with snakes. Snakes!


Ig's totally a Parceltongue. And the sorting hat would put him straight into Slytherin fo shizzle.

7. Each have got signature marks RIGHT ON THEIR FOREHEADS that give away exactly who they are to pretty much everyone they meet.


Harry's = lightning bolt.

Ignatius' = horns.

Zeus, Hades ... Potato, pot-ahh-to.

8. Annnd if the case isn't closed already, consider this completely spoileriffic final note: Both Harry and Ig miraculously survived what should have been completely unsurvivable incidents facing down their near-equally powerful archnemeses.


They're both The Boys Who Lived!


"Horns" hits theaters October 31.