Equal Payback Project

Why Is Sarah Silverman Giving Up Her Lady Parts And Becoming A Dude?

To close the wage gap between men and women, duh!

Sarah Silverman is mad. Like, seriously pissed off. Why? Because in 2014, the average woman in the workplace still makes only 78 cents to a man’s dollar. Over the course of a career, that's nearly $500,000 in lost wages.

So, because she cares, Silverman is going to close the gap... literally. As part of a fundraising campaign from the Equal Payback Project seeking to crowdfund $29,811,746,430,000 -- the equivalent of the wages lost to the gap by the 69 million women in the workplace -- Silverman has released a (totally NSFW) PSA about her decision to undergo a sex change operation and see what it's like to be a fully-paid man in the workplace. (Warning: NSFW for very realistic-looking penises.)

OK, so the Project isn't really looking to raise $30 billion. (And Sarah's not giving up her lady parts for real... we think.) But what it is doing is donating any funds to the National Women’s Law Center, a non-profit group fighting for equal pay through legislation, education and advocacy, to help them fight to get the Paycheck Fairness Act back into debate in the Senate and keep pregnant women from being forced out of the workplace.

How much should you give? Check out this handy chart from the Project for examples.

Equal Payback Project