Elle Fanning Is Unrecognizable With Her New Hair Color

It's hard to conjure up an image of Elle Fanning without immediately picturing her gorgeous blonde hair. For as long as we've "known" Elle (I using the term loosely here), she's had long, baby blonde hair, which, among other things, was perfect for her role as Sleeping Beauty and for living as her IRL during the press tour for Maleficent.

That press tour is done, though, and at the premiere for The Boxtrolls over the weekend, Elle debuted a totally different look. Like, drastically different.

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Check out the shine on that new hair, you guys. The new blunt cut. Those rosy cheeks. The touch of turquoise eyeliner. It's working—all of it. Big time.

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To emphasize just how different her new look is, Elle wore an Oscar de la Renta two-piece instead of the princess-y gowns she's been favoring as of late.

According to IMDb, Elle just started filming Trumbo, in which she plays the daughter of Bryan Cranston and Diane Lane. It seems likely she dyed it for the role—I mean, if Bryan and Diane produced a platinum-headed bb, that'd be pretty weird, right?—but maybe she just felt like a change. Either way, she's (rightfully) embracing her new hue—soon her platinum past will be a distant memory.