'Sleepy Hollow': 7 Questions Season 2 Has To Answer Or We'll Lose Our Heads

Is Jenny alive? Who will save Ichabod? And will Ichabbie be a thing?!

(Beware of some mild spoilers for "Sleepy Hollow" season two!)

In case you missed season one of Fox's surprise hit "Sleepy Hollow," or if you just need a refresher, allow us to sum it up for you: everyone is fairly doomed.

When we left our heroes in the season one finale, they were all in some various pickles -- Abbie was in purgatory, Ichabod had been buried alive, Katrina was captured by the Headless Horseman (ex-boyfriends -- so needy), and Jenny was last seen bleeding from her head after a crazy car accident. Things were looking pretty dire.

So, now that you're all caught up, we have some burning questions, hopes, and dreams for the highly anticipated season two premiere:

1. ...Ichabbie, though?

FOX, via Tumblr

Seriously -- what about Ichabbie?! Obviously, canon source material will never stop a shipper from shipping. However, this season leaves even the most diehard Ichabbie fans a lot to contend with. Not only is Ichabod's wife, Katrina, topside after leaving purgatory thanks to Abbie's noble sacrifice, but it looks like Abbie may have a new love interest coming to town this season, as well.

Said love interest, Nick Hawley, has been described as a supernatural bounty hunter of sorts who rolls into town to help Abbie and Ichabod on a case. Like every other man in Sleepy Hollow, Nick will probably be warm for Abbie's form -- but what will Ichabod think?!

(Probably: "I have a wife." But don't quibble with us, here -- you know he'll be jelly.)

Also, Nick is played by Matt Barr, who played Peyton's stalker "Psycho Derek" on "One Tree Hill." So, we've got our eye on you, buddy. You're magnificent, face-wise, so we might have our eye on you for more reasons than one... but we're watching.

2. Can Brooks actually chill out with his Abbie obsession?

FOX, via Tumblr


Judging by Zap2It's sneak peek of the premiere, it seems like Andy Brooks might be the one to save Abbie from purgatory. We thought we were finished with him when he was buried alive in George Washington's Masonic tomb, though?!

And as much as we love John Cho (so much), could Brooks, like... chill? She's just not that into you, dude. Abbie does not need more men following her around telling her how much they love her. (Is the girl Aphrodite reincarnate?) Please, Brooks -- save Abbie from purgatory and then leave her alone.

(Besides -- there's another woman on ABC who needs your help to stop taking "Selfie"s.)

3. Will Jenny live after her accident?

FOX, via Tumblr

For someone who spent a solid number of years in the Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital when she didn't actually deserve to be there, Jenny is one of the most level-headed (and badass) denizens of Sleepy Hollow. In the season one finale, she was the first to discover Henry Parrish's true identity, and while that revelation got her into a maybe-fatal car accident at the hands of the Headless Horseman, there's no way that Ichabod and Abbie are ready to see their greatest and most well-loved ally leave them so soon.

But will Jenny be captured by the Hessians? Has she traded one prison for another? And will she and Irving ever hook up?!

4. Will Captain Irving be freed?

FOX, via Tumblr

Despite the fact that he's currently in prison for a crime he didn't commit, Irving should remain an ally to Ichabod and Abbie in season two, whether he's orange-jumpsuited or not. But for how long will he be imprisoned? Irving barely hesitated in confessing to the murders that his daughter, Macey, committed while possessed by the demon Ancitif. He's not about to flip on that any time soon.

Unless higher-ups in the state of New York can be convinced that demons, horsemen, and tree monsters actually exist, it seems like Irving will be stuck behind bars for a while.

(Hopefully, if Jenny survives her crash, she can visit! Conjugally, if you know what we mean. And we think you do.)

5. Who will save Ichabod?

FOX, via Tumblr

(And can he be followed by a wind machine all season long?)

Ichabod has been buried alive, and the only person who can reasonably save him is his son. You know, the man who put him there in the first place, and who is also one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. So, that's out.

We can only imagine that one of the strong ladies in Ichabod's life will be able to rescue him, but which one? And how? Will Abbie be able to use her Witness (and love) connection to find him? Will Katrina find her powers restored, thus enabling her to save her estranged husband? So! Many! Questions! (With so! Many! Shipping possibilities!)

6. What role will Katrina Crane serve this season?

FOX, via Tumblr

Poor Katrina. She escaped purgatory only to be captured by her ex-boyfriend, the Headless Horseman. (Seriously -- the men on this show have nothing on the strong, well-rounded women. Get over your drama, boys!)

With her powers weakened by her time spent in purgatory, Katrina is unfortunately not the savior we all thought she was back in season one. We're sure that Katrina will somehow end up escaping her captor, but then what? Will she join Ichabod and Abbie's supernatural crime-fighting squad? Will we have another season of a person from the past being equal parts amused and horrified by fistbumps, tea bags and bottled water? Is there any room for more of that?

Katrina may find herself lost as she rejoins her husband only to see that he has adapted to a new world without her in it.

7. What's the new Sheriff's deal?


"House of Cards" star Sakina Jaffrey is joining "Sleepy Hollow" as Leena Reyes, who will take up Irving's vacated position. According to E! News, Reyes "may not be as open as Irving was by the end of the season with Abbie and Crane."

Basically: Reyes is about to make things incredibly difficult for our heroes. Given that Abbie's sole focus now lies in the supernatural, who's to say that she will even have a job anymore when she tells her new boss, "Um, yeah, would love to go investigate that B&E, but I... have... a thing...?"

It's hard to convince people who don't already have a soft spot for you of the whole impending-apocalypse thing, and Reyes doesn't seem like the open listening type.

BONUS: Was Luke Morales a time traveler himself?


Okay, so we will probably never see Luke Morales again. However, we still cannot get over the fact that he had a flip phone in season one. Even Ichabod has a smartphone! Won't someone please explain the proliferation of flip phones in Sleepy Hollow in the season two premiere?!

Do you have any burning questions for "Sleepy Hollow" season two? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out the premiere on Monday, September 22 at 9 p.m. on FOX.