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Paris Hilton's New Dog Is, Like, Impossibly Small

This teacup Pomeranian is just, like... I can't.

Even though the gods are crazy, even though the stars are blind, one thing in this world is certain: Paris Hilton loves her some small dogs. The "Come Alive" singer continues this trend with her latest canine acquisition, and oh my god this puppy is too impossibly small and cute to be real.

The teacup Pomeranian's breeder named the pup "Mr. Amazing," although it appears as though Paris is keeping her options open. I'd suggest something like "~*~**~*<3*~*<3~*~~*~<3~**" -- but I'm not really sure how you'd pronounce that IRL.

Quick FYI: You don't have to track down a specialty breeder and fork over thousands of dollars for a new dog. There are plenty of amazing pups waiting for a good home at local animal shelters and rescue groups. Anyway, on to the photos!


Instagram (@parishilton)

Here's what he'll look like full-grown.

Wait, really????


And this is what he'll look like with a hat and mustache and OH MY GOD.