J Lo Gets Some Underage Booty In 'Boy Next Door' Trailer

This is the 'Pretty Little Liars'/'Sex and the City' crossover of our dreams.

What if you knew your husband was cheating on you? And what if a sexy younger man moved in next door? And what if you had one night of passion with that man? And what if that man wasn't a man at all, but a boy? And you were a teacher? And he was in your high school class? And he was crazy? And you were Jennifer Lopez?

If so, congratulations on the trailer to your new movie, "The Boy Next Door:"

While every nation in the free world eagerly anticipates the release of J Lo and Iggy Azalea's video for "Booty," the rest of you can enjoy Jenny From The Block getting some underage booty in the form of "Pretty Little Liars" star Ryan Guzman - and don't worry, Guzman is actually 78 in real life just kidding he's 26.

The movie also stars John Corbett as Lopez's husband, which means we'll need to start working on our "Pretty Little Liars"/"Sex and the City" crossover fanfic ASAP.

"The Boy Next Door" hits theaters in January, or as we like to call the month, the year's front-booty. December is the booty.