10 Essentials You Wouldn't Think To Pack For Burning Man

Burning Man is a place where everybody fits in, but you can't show up like you're someone's dad heading to a Jimmy Buffet concert.

If you're heading to Burning Man, there's a handful of things that will help you survive. Obviously, food and water should be first on your list but after that, you're pretty much free to bring anything. It's a place where there's no ego and everybody fits in, but you don't want to show up dressed like you're dad at a Jimmy Buffet concert. Everyone will think you're a NARC or worse, a journalist. Snag a few of these things before you fly your free spirit into the desert for five days.

1. Coffee Cans

Great for making noise with, or spicing up a boring burn outfit.

2. Feathers

Can be worn as an accessory, or can be the entire outfit.

3. Old Musical Instruments

You don't have to know how to play it. Just carry it around. Let everyone know that you're so free spirited you don't need to use things for their intended purpose.

4. Old Boots

The more Dickenzian you look, the better. You might have a real job and a trust fund, but out here that doesn't matter. Look broke, because being broke in the desert is true freedom.

5. Goggles

Because it's dusty, and because they'll complete your "Mad Max" meets Doc Brown from "Back To The Future III" look.

6. Old Wedding Dress

Something that flows in the wind and represents your rejection of "the norm".

7. Top Hat

The chimney sweep look never goes out of style at Burning Man. Pair this with a Penny Farthing for transportation.

8. Glow Sticks

Self-explanatory. Trade for food. Do not eat.

9. Umbrellas

Preferably weird, colorful ones. Shade your self while looking cool.

10. Masks

To protect you from the dust, but also to hide your identity. In case your student loan officer is there too.