The Definitive History Of Brangelina, In Pictures

From tabloid scandal to old married couple in just under a decade.

By now, you've probably heard that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the most preternaturally perfect Hollywood power couple ever to exist, have at long last gotten married -- so, basically, they're gods now.

But it wasn't always thus! The Jolie-Pitt affair has evolved over the years, beginning with whispered rumors from the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" the eventually became the big speculative tabloid scandal of 2005. Below, we look back at the decade-long history of their fabulous romance.

January 2004: The "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" co-stars were caught in a candid moment during a break from filming.

Though it would be months before whispers of a romance began, people couldn't help noticing that this was literally the happiest Angelina Jolie had ever looked.

March 2005: Don't stand so close to me.

This distinctly un-cozy photo was taken the same month that Pitt's then-wife Jennifer Aniston filed for divorce.

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June 2005: Yeah, these two definitely dig each other.

They still hadn't confirmed their relationship, but Brad and Angie's chemistry was palpable at the "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" premiere.

January 2006: BUMP.

Having announced earlier in the month that Angelina was pregnant with Brad's child, and with Brad having officially adopted Angelina's children Maddox and Zahara, the two finally gave up all pretense of playing it cool. And there was much rejoicing.

June 2006: Proud parents!

The couple were all grins at a press conference just after the birth of daughter Shiloh.

December 2006: One of a million perfect red carpet cuddles.

This is your friendly reminder that Brad and Angie are beautiful nymphs who never age.

January 2007: The start of a very big Brangie year.

A couple months after this photo was taken, the pair adopted Pax from an orphanage in Vietnam.

January 2008: More kids on the way.

Not that you can tell, but Angelina was carrying kids numbers five and six when this photo was taken.

May 2008: Double bump.

At the Cannes Film Festival, the couple finally confirmed that Angelina's baby was actually a pair o' babies.

July 2008: Twin sensation.

The birth of Vivienne and Knox is the biggest story of the summer.

November 2011: Traveling with a gaggle of small Jolie-Pitts.

Six years after their relationship first made headlines, everyone had finally gotten used to seeing photos like this one.

February 2012: Marriage rumors start swirling again.

Around the same time that Angelina's leg spawned its own Twitter account, Brad confessed to The Hollywood Reporter that their kids were pushing hard for the two of them to make it official. A couple months later, they announced their engagement.

June 2013: Still engaged...

A year after announcing their intent to get married, no wedding bells have chimed yet. But hey, Angelina is still sporting her big blingy rock.

June 2014: Just -- er, almost married.

Until the pair release a peek at their wedding photos (or make their first public appearance as husband and wife), this picture of them from earlier this summer in which they are obviously plotting their upcoming nuptials is the best we're gonna get. Look at those sneaky faces.